The Kazakh Verbs: Review Guide



The Kazakh Verbs: Review Guide


The Kazakh Verbs: Review Guide (PDF Price)

The review guide is your key to acquiring enhanced skills on the road to Kazakh fluency. A focus on the most used and important verbs in the Kazakh language, giving you a comprehensive foundation to the language. The basic verb grammar guides you on when and why each tense is used before the list of verbs and their conjugations. 

Each verb is listed with its principal parts and followed by complete conjugation in the 3 most common tenses – present, past and future tense forms. Inside you will find:

• Guide to Kazakh Alphabet and Pronunciation
• Guide to Kazakh Verb Grammar
• 100 conjugated verbs, listed alphabetically

You can buy the book in paperback, kindle format and ebook in the form pdf that will be sent to your email. 

Paper book: 191 pages

Price (ebook): 19$

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