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TurkicPrep is the leading platform for learning Turkic languages online with the best instructors and an ever-expanding library of digital resources.

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You’ve got options. Choose the one that fits you best.

Live Bootcamps

Learn in 60-minute online and live classes from professional language teachers in live Zoom-classes.
In those lessons you and 3-4 students will focus on real-live conversations and grammar.

Private or Closed Group Classes

One-to-one lessons are for learners that require individual tutoring for extra intensity. Our closed
group courses are available for group of people who wish to study together privately.

Learning Resources

A collection of awesome resources (books with accompanying audio tracks, printibles, self-study
courses with bite-sized lessons, digital media and so much more.)

Choose your language and expand your world

Start learning fascinating languages with our live bootcamps and classes

400 hours

Live classes

Flexible –  2 to 6 months




What people are saying about us

Helene, Denmark

I wanted to learn Kazakh language to impress my Kazakh collegues. The book resources have
helped me to grasp the grammar foundation and basic phrases to be able to speak with collegues.

Kevin, USA

I feel very lucky to have found Turkicprep resources on Uzbek language. I am impressed with the
variety of available resources like vocabulary and real-life conversations with audio tracks.

Olga, Ukraine

TurkicPrep is the best place to learn Azerbaijani with
variety of learning resources. My teacher made it very
easy to understand the much needed grammar structures.

Peter, Germany

Live bootcamp was simply amazing. I felt supported and encouraged by my Turkish teacher while
speaking practice. I would highly recommend the supportive learning resources on the platform.


TurkicPrep is authentically focused on providing quality live classes and various learning resources in
Turkic group of languages. We believe that nothing can replace live interaction and customized feedback
from a real person in language learning. Being fully bootstrapped, we are constantly developing our
school and resources. We create various awesome resources to support your learning journey.

Live bootcamps are live classes where few students meet with native speaker-instructors one or few times
a week. Instructor teaches and interacts with students in specific time and date slots fixed by the
instructor. In private classes, a student can agree with the date, start time and frequencies of lessons as
well as other lesson-tailored arrangements with the instructor.

In case you want to take classes with your partner, family, friend or colleague in private closed group, we
arrange an instructor and live online classes for you upon group’s convenience.

Preparing to learn with us is simple. You need three things: a stable internet connection, a computer and
the free video conferencing tool Zoom.

The instructor will provide all the relevant materials and upload them to the folders accessible to students.

Each program is different. You need to choose your live bootcamp and then check the details of the
program with lessons organized by responsible instructor. One-on-One classes are 60-minute long classes.

In short, the answer is yes! We only ask you to check the time zone indicated at the info section of live
bootcamps. For private or closed group classes, we kindly ask you to contact us beforehand to understand
your needs and time zone so that we connect you with instructor suitable your need and geography.

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