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Start your online teaching job as part of the TurkicPrep team.We are constantly seeking content creators in social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and experienced language teachers. Our current languages include Azerbaijani, Turkish, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek, among other Turkic languages. Please send your resume and/or social media links in case you are content creator to the email.

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If the language you’d like to teach is not your mother tongue, you must hold a CEFR C2 certificate. At
least 1-2 years of valuable teaching experience (not necessarily online classes).

You will need a high speed internet connection, camera and a high quality headset to teach on Zoom. You
will need to feel comfortable speaking English. All teachers work with TurkicPrep on a freelance basis.

Yes. You may organize your own live bootcamp and/or one-on-one teaching based on your availability.
You may agree with your student arranging online meeting time in one-on-one teaching. Live bootcamps
are organized and set for specific date and time.

You’ll use your own teaching materials with well-structured curriculum along with our available digital
content. Meanwhile our in-house curriculum management team develops additional support teaching

Each class of up to 6 students lasts 60 or 90 minutes depending on the program. Classes take place via

1. Apply online.
2. Be invited for an interview
3. Compete the online onboarding process
4. Teach your class.