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Why to choose the 1-on-1 course?

Learning Material included:

No need to buy books or audio!

Personalized Learning:

Our classes are tailor-made for your needs and you will get a personalized curriculum

Learn with the best:

Our tutors are native speakers, holding at least a university degree and attend our training before they can teach.

How do I schedule a lesson?

Step 1: Choose a language

Pick your language to learn! Feel out Needs Analysis Form.

Step 2: Choose date and time

After your tutor has contacted you, you can choose a time that’s convenient for you. Purchase the package.

Step 3: Get connected

Start taking your lessons on Zoom.

Before booking

If you’re interested in doing a private one-to-one or group of two course with us, we would appreciate it if you provided us with more details regarding your requirements/availability/needs. This will allow us to find a suitable teacher and see if it’s possible to deliver a catered course to meet your linguistic needs and availability. The form takes only a few minutes to complete and will ask some simple questions regarding your needs and goals: NEEDS ANALYSIS FORM

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